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 Car Key Programmer
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1. Autel MaxiIM IM508 2022 Professional Key FOB Programming Tool with XP200 Programmer, Bi-Directional


  • 2022 Newest Update, Big BreakthroughSince June 2022, Autel IM508 can be upgraded to a bidirectional scan tool and provides real active tests and 28+ service functions, support "Auto Auth" gateway for post-2018 FCA cars, such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc, still growing.Support Cloud Report Management, you can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with your customers through QR Code/email/text message easily, and they can view the reports anytime.
  • Professional IMMO & Key Fob ProgrammingAutel IM508 scanner comes with XP200 k~y programmer and provides comprehensive IMMO services: read and write to Immobilizer/ Engine/ EEPROM/ MCU, reset/ code/ backup IMMO ECU, read PIN (Add Key/ All K~y Lost), key generation/key learning/remote learning, etc. The functions above are car-specific, if needed, please contact us to make sure everything you want can work on your cars:autelofficial @ outlook . com.
  • 2022 Most Worth Buying IMMO ToolAutel IM508 is definitely the most cost-effective IMMO tool on the market, it is not only a professional key fob programming tool, but also an excellent bidirectional control scanner (2022 Upgraded Ver.)! The newest version of IM508 will bring you a new experience:pro-level IMMO&Key fob Programmingreal active testsall systems diagnostic28+ Serviceswider coverageone-year free update, etc. Awesome product for car workshop DIYers and home mechanics.
  • Work with XP400 Pro Key Fob Programmer(Purchase Separately) You dont have to pay $3000+ for a more advanced scanner but can enjoy the same IMMO and Key Programming capabilities as IM608 Pro. When connected to XP400 Pro, IM508 can extend its capability to supportIMMO functions such as BMW CAS4 Key Learning, andProgramming functions such as IMMO ECU Read & Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read & Write, IC Card Read & Write, Mercedes Infrared Key Read & Write, Remote Frequency Detect, etc.
  • Bi-Directional Control/ Active TestAre you still spending a lot of time looking for car problems? Guess and guess, why don't you test it now? Key Programming tool IM508 can perform active test that can send commands to the ECU to activate the actuators, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, for directly monitoring their operation to quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues. Note: NOT universal on all cars. Please check compatibility.

2. ANCEL V6 Pro Bidirectional Scan Tool, 2022 Newest OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Key Fob Programmer,


  • Bi-Directional Control/Active TestANCEL V6 Pro obd2 scanner is a bi directional scan tool which can give commands directly to your automobile's ECU to check vehicles' working status and functionality like fuel pump test, injectors coding, ABS breaks bleeding, throttle body reset, Read/erase codes, covering Transmission, Body, Sunroof, EPB, TPMS systems, etc, Bidirectional obd2 scanners can be a huge help and make it even easier for mechanics, DIYers to repair vehicles correctly and quickly.
  • 15+ Most Popular Services Including IMMOThis car scanner is one of the most versatile OBD2 Scanner in the market, with its advanced 15+ hot functions including IMMO/key programmer(disable lost keys, add new keys), ABS Bleeding, Oil Reset, Injector Coding, TPMS, Battery Registration, DPF Regen, EPB etc, and still growing, makes this automotive scanner an standard choice for car shop owners and professional mechanics. Key Programming need to confirm compatibility before purchase.
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade + Most Cost Efficient OBD2 ScannerANCEL V6 car diagnostic scanner cover the Advanced Features that only above $800 diagnostic tool has, such as bi-directional scanauto key programmer immobilizer OE-Level Full System diagnostic15+ Hot functions, covers more than 85+ brand vehicles modelsMore importantly, V6 support lifetime FREE update and No Extra software fee/subscription fee. ANCEL V6 car scanner doesnt have to cost a fortune and can save you at least $500/YEAR!
  • Extra Saving-Free Battery Tester & OBD2 Extension CableWe offer a FREE BT200 battery tester valued $35.99 or ANCEL ODB2 extension cable valued $13.99 to encourage all of you to try this 2022 newest bidirectional scan tool ANCEL V6. Just click "Extra Saving" under price and add both to your cart. ANCEL V6 obd2 scanner has been updated periodically to improve functionality, add new features/vehicles, or fix minor bugs. Please update it once you receive to get the latest scanner automotriz.
  • Full System Diagnostics+ Over 85 Car Makes Ancel V6 obd2 scanner diagnostic scan tools work on 85+ car makes and 10000+ car models, provide a Dealership- Level diagnosis, retrieve accurate and in-depth ECU info from all available vehicle modules like ABS/airbag(SRS)/Engine/Transmission systems etc, to read/clear error codes, view live data, freeze frame, perform bi-directional control to to check faults. Kindly notice that not all 2022 newest vehicles are included, please confirm first.

3. Sbb Pro2 V48.99 Key Programmer Supports G Chip Without Token Limit Multi-Language Car Key Programmer


  • 4. Operation by means of a menu guided programming
  • 2. Reading keys from immobilizer's memory /pin code
  • 1. Programming new keys. (Note: Please confirm whether it matches your car before buying. If you cannot determine whether it is suitable for your car, please contact us before buying.)
  • 5. SBB PRO2 Key Programming new remote controls. (It has detailed manual in the attached CD, pls read it carefully before use it. If you still cant understand how to operate it, pls kindly to contact us, thanks!)
  • 3. Reactivating keys no longer in the car owner's possession

4. Key Scanner, CK100 Car Key Programmer V99.99 Replacement Multi Language Auto Tool US 100V to 240V


  • Language Multiple languages, support English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. NoteWhen the key programming fails, disconnect the obd16 adapter and the car, and then connect 10 seconds later, otherwise the vehicle electronic anti-theft device system may be damaged, and the ck-100 is locked.
  • The purpose is to initialize the relationship between the vehicle and the CK100. CK-100 Auto Key Pro Tool, Key Programmer new generation It is a new generation of the SBB Key Programmer, the replace version. Alternative to function and feature of the SBB V33.02. Increase much more features and functions. More powerfull and functional. Excellent Quality, OBDChina Exclusive.
  • CK-100 CK100 programmer function 1. Program a new button. 2. Read the key from the anti-theft lock memory 3. Disable the keys owned by the owner 4. Operate through menu-guided programming 5. Program a new remote 6.Complete database software containing all the most important vehicles
  • Perfect Application Complete database software for all the most important vehicles. Program a new remote key, which is a practical accessory. Operation via menu-guided programming, convenient for using. Material Made of quality ABS material, firm, corrosion resistant and durable to use.
  • PIN code service 1) Fits for Hyundai PIN 2) Fits for Kia PIN 3) Fits for Nissan BCM code 4) Fits for VAG PIN code system 1 (SYSTEM2, for KOSTAL, for MEGAMOS / Fits for DELPHI) 5) VAG 7-4 PIN CONV (PIN7, DEALER, IMPORTATORE, PIN4, DATA (00/00/2000), EXIT) 6) Fits for GM PIN code ECM type 1 (Fits for ECM type 2, Fits for ECM type 3, Fits for ECM type 4, Fits for ECM type 5, Fits for ECM type 6 7) Fits for Chrysler FOBIKCODE 8) Fits for FORD KEYLESS ECODE (keyless entry code 1, keyless entry code

5. Simple Key, Key Fob and Key Programmer with Interchangeable 3 & 4 Button Keypads, Key Replacement


  • Quick and Easy DIY Installation - Connect our key fob programmer to your vehicle and install it in less than 10 minutes without the help of a professional car key programmer. Note: Youll need your existing car key to start the engine and install.
  • Complete with Essential Buttons - One key fob has all the necessary buttons that are most important for regular use: lock, unlock, and panic buttons. Theres an optional remote start button that only works if your car was manufactured with this specific feature.
  • Compatible with Various Vehicles - Do you own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or Volkswagen? We got you covered! Our remote start fob replacement kit is created to fit different models of these car brands. Note: Check details for car year, make, and model compatibility.
  • A Practical and User-friendly Choice - We offer you a car key fob thats economical. It saves you time and effort as well. You can program up to 8 key fobs for a single vehicle. All you need is just 1 working key to get started. (Additional keys are sold separately.)
  • A Smartly Innovated Car Key Solution - Skip the hassle of going to a key maker, locksmith, or pricey car dealership appointment for a key fob replacement. Get our key replacement kit instead. It comes with a simple key programmer, and the key fob has interchangeable 3 & 4 button pads.

6. Key Programmer Immobilizer TOPDON T-Ninja1000 Add, Delete Key, Read Pin, All Keys Lost for


  • No Risk Guarantee TOPDON offers a 60-day money back guarantee, 12-month warranty, and lifetime technical supports. Integrated RFID induction slot, easy-to-store carrying box etc. are also designed for enhanced user satisfaction. Please Note: if you are not satisfied with this key programmer and choose to return it, please kindly mark it unsellable to avoid an used one is sent to other customers again by Amazon. Really Appreciate your kindness and cooperation. Thanks
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage Key programmer immobilizer TOPDON T-Ninja 1000 covers all major manufacturers in US, compatible with Ford, GM, Chrysler etc. and Japan. Unlimited uses, no tokens required. Please check the compatibility with us and we'll provide the best solution for you.
  • Money Maker Key Programmer T-ninja 1000 Super low price with Locksmith level functions for Blade & Smart keys: Read Pin Code / All Keys Lost / Add Keys / Erase Keys and more. Includes 1-year FREE Software Update + Only 249$/Year Subscription Fee for end user from second year. Recope your investment with just one use. NOTE: Only support upgrade on windows.
  • Huge Online Database Over 5,000 vehicles with locksmith verified details and processes included, to speed up learning curve for new users, and to boost business for locksmiths.
  • Designed for Beginners Step-by-step operation tips on this key fob programming tool guide you all the way to finish the key programming procedures, with all the necessary key information provided for peace of mind.

7. Autel MaxiIM IM508 2022 Advanced Key Fob Programming Tool with XP200 Programmer, Bi-Directional


  • IMMO & Key Fob Programming for DIYers and LocksmithsIf you want to do something for IMMO systems or car k~ys, Autel IM508 scanner with XP200 k~y programmer can help you with the following: read & write to Immobilizer/Engine/EEPROM/MCU, reset/code/backup IMMO ECU, read PIN (Add Key/All Key L~st), key generation/key learning/remote learning, etc. Smart Mode will provide you with guided and automated key learning functions, step by step, save you much trouble!Functions above vary by cars.
  • 2022 Newest Features, Worth 500USDSince June 2022, Autel IM508 can be upgraded to a bidirectional control scan tool and provides real active tests and 28+ service functions, support "Auto Auth" gateway for post-2018 FCA cars, such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc, still growing. Support Cloud Report Management, you can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with your customers through QR Code/email/text message easily, and they can view the reports anytime.
  • Bi-Directional Control/ Active TestWhat would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don't be in a hurry to dismantle your cars! Key Programming tool IM508 can perform real active tests that can send commands to the vehicles ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helpingyouquickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.Note: NOT universal. Please check compatibility.
  • All-In-One Key Fob Programming & Diagnostic ServiceAutel MaxiIM IM508 is a perfect solution for workshops and technicians who demand affordable and powerful IMMO and diagnostic services. Equipped with multi-functions ofprofessional IMMO functions and Key Programming capabilityBi-Directional Control(Active Test)28+ hot and special servicesall systems diagnostic10,000+ vehicle coverage1-year free updatemulti-language etc.
  • Work with XP400Pro Key Programmer(Purchase Separately) You dont have to pay $3000+ for a more advanced scanner but can enjoy the same IMMO and Key fob Programming capabilities as IM608 Pro. When connected to XP400 Pro, IM508 can extend its capability to supportIMMO functions such as BMW CAS4 K~y Learning, andProgramming functions such as IMMO ECU Read & Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read & Write, IC Card Read & Write, Mercedes Infrared K~y Read & Write, Remote Frequency Detect, etc.

8. Key Fob Programming Tool&Key Fob Set TOPDON TOPKEY Car Key Programmer for Jeep Dodge Chrysler, Works


  • LOST KEY IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM Enjoy the least expensive way to program an extra key and keyless entry remote fob for your vehicle, using just a smartphone/tablet & our TOPKEY with the app to complete the programming process without prior training or technical skills. Additionally this car key programmer tool allows checking the available keys in your car system, and supports all 10 OBD2 test modes.
  • PORTABLE KEY PROGRAMMING TOOL&FCA KEY FOB This Key programmer and key fob set is only compatible with some models of Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler(check product description for detailed list). Please check if the key blade's FCC ID and appearance are compatible with your vehicle's make/model/year before purchase. Please NOTE: This key programming tool is NOT for smart keys.
  • KEEP BOTH YOUR KEYS AND CAR SAFE The package comes with a brand-new car key replacement for your consideration to save money and time. The VCI and Vehicle Management modules are created to keep all your activated TOPKEY VCIs data and your available vehicles information properly organized. *Note that at least ONE existing car key, already paired to your vehicle, is necessary to have before using this key programmer.
  • COPYING&PAIRING KEY HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY Just ditch the bulky & expensive old school auto key programming tools. Go to a professional to have your TOPKEY replacement key cut first, then download & install the TOPKEY app into your smart device, and perform initial set-up with the TOPKEY dongle. Our simple system will guide you through the new key/remote control replacement work in ONLY 10 minutes.
  • FIND YOUR MODEL IN THE COMPATIBLE LIST CHRYSLER 300 2011-2014/300C 2011-2014/PT CRUISER 2005-2010/SEBRING CONV 2007-2014/SEBRING 2007-2014/SEBRING 4DR HTP 2007-2010, DODGE AVENGER 2007-2014/CALIBER 2006-2012/CHARGER 2011-2014/GTS 2007-2014/NITRO 2007-2012/RAM1500 2006-2008, JEEP COMPASS 2007-2017/LIBERTY 2018-2015/PATRIOT 2007-2018/WRANGLER 2007-2018. NOTEThe key's FCC ID is OHT692713AA. Chip: 46(PCF7941), Mhz: 315, Key Blade: CY24.

9. VVDI Mini Key Tool Remote Key Programmer Compatible for iOS & Android Remote Renew Function Global


  • Works on IOS and Android Before you ordering VVDI Mini Key Tool, you can download the app "Xhorse" to check whether your vehicle or keys are compatible. Xhorse Mini Key Tool allows you to generate and clone the chip but not program. If you need program your vehicle, please buy MINI OBD together.
  • Free 96bit 48-Clone function You can get free 96bit 48 clone authorization after you wiring more than 10 xhorse remotes.
  • Global version with databse Support 128 brands, over 2000 vehicle models. Generate more abundant and thorough key pictures, transponder types, key blanks and remote matching data.
  • Online Techinical Support You can contact online support team 7/24 via Xhorse app. The professional engineer will help you fix your issue quickly.
  • Frequency Test and Chip Clone VVDI Mini Key Tool enable you reading keys frequency fast and accurant. It has ability to clone ID4C/4D, 46, 48, ID70, ID72 but you may need use Xhorse super chip to clone it. Support the power test within the range of 300-450Mhz. The test frequnecy distance is 11.8. Based on mobile App via Bluetooth.

10. XTOOL X100 PAD Plus Automotive Key Programming Tool 2022 Newest, OE-Level All Systems Diagnostic,


  • Advanced 28+ Service Functions, Upgraded Verison of X100 PAD X100 PAD PLUS car diagnostic tablet scanner comes with 23+ special functions including: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector Coding, Key Coding, Air Suspension, Refresh hidden functions, Transmisson Adaptation, Headlamps, EEPROM Adapter, TPMS Reset etc. NOTE: Please send VIN number to Xtooldirect @ outlook. com to check compatibility before order.
  • 2 Years Free Software Updates & 2 Years Warranty & 24/7 Worry-free Support Backed by 30 Days REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND, 24 Months free software updates and warranty, X100 PAD PLUS Key Programmer Scanner offers you risk-free purchase! If any question, please contact us via: Xtooldirect @ outlook . com.
  • Cost-Effectivate IMMO Key Programmer X100 PAD PLUS as the 2022 Newest automotive key programming tool which combines key programming, full systems diagnostics and 28+ reset functions, makes it a perfect chioce for Auto Shop/ DIY User/Garage/Mechanic. NOTE: Service/IMMO functions do NOT work on all cars. Please send VIN number to Xtooldirect @ outlook. com to check compatibility before purchase!
  • OE-Level All Sytems Diagnostic & Wide Vehicle Coverage XTOOL X100 PAD PLUS professional scan tool with complete capabilities to performs OE-level diagnostics to read/erase DTCs, view data stream, freeze frame, read ECU info, it can access and diagnose all available modules on wide regional vehicle coverage. View live data like transmission fluid temperature, cylinder balance rates, engine rpm, view freeze frame, read ECU info, etc.
  • Comprehensive Immo & Key Programming X100 PAD PLUS car key programmer perform various IMMO functions like Read pincode, Generate key, Make dealer key, All-Key-L0st( Read PIN/CS), Immobilizer data reading & writing, Backup IMMO Data, Remote learning, Immobilizer module replacement, IMMO ECU reset & coding, Key matcing/learning, smart key reading, EEPROM Read/Write and backup the EEPROM chip inside the immobilizer module. Please confirm with us compatibility first with your car VIN.

Buying Guide For Car Key Programmer

How we Picked the Top Car Key Programmer


When looking to purchase a Car Key Programmer, it's important to balance both price and performance. As more businesses enter the Car Key Programmer industry, consumers will have greater quality and efficiency alternatives to choose from. Costliest Car Key Programmer is not usually a recommendation for optimal value. There are many of budget-friendly options that don't skimp on features or comfort.


The best option for Car Key Programmer is a brand known both for producing excellent goods and for providing exceptional service to its customers. Products from reputable manufacturers are made with meticulous attention to detail, and the brand behind them is always accessible to address customer concerns, make repairs, or issue a full refund.


Make sure the product is just what you're looking for before you click the "purchase now" button or add it to your shopping cart.

When picking a product, details are crucial. As such, they serve as a definition of the product's capabilities. Because there are numerous possibilities, it is essential to make the best choice possible.

To meet your needs, pick the Car Key Programmer that was built to last. When evaluating various specs, the three most important aspects to think about are performance, features, and cost. All of these factors should be considered before making a decision. All of them taken into account will guarantee you the best return on investment.


There is a lot of excellent Car Key Programmer out there, making selection tricky. Just by taking a look at the layout, one can make a call. The design of a product is affected by many factors, such as the materials used in production, the color palette, and the visual weight. This knowledge will aid you in finding a product that perfectly suits your needs.

Stability and Control

When evaluating the effectiveness of a Car Key Programmer, we took its steadiness and manageability into account. Take into account how well-balanced and manageable the thing is. We think about how the product will change our life and how it will make us feel to use it.

Customer Reviews

In today's information-rich marketplace, many consumers read reviews written by previous buyers before making a final decision. It makes sense; after all, who better to inform you about a product than individuals who have really tried it? Reading customer reviews might provide you insight into how other people felt about a product before you buy it. Similarly to how not everyone will find value in every product, not everyone will feel compelled to write a review. Evaluations from buyers are a reliable indicator of the satisfaction level of the product as a whole.


Nobody likes to be uncomfortable or constrained when doing what they love. When deciding whether to use a product, consider its Car Key Programmer. There are various sorts of Car Key Programmer that provide stability, control, and comfort. If you buy a fishing kayak, you don’t want to spend the whole trip thinking about how badly you want to get out because your back hurts or your feet are tired.


The design and construction of a Car Key Programmer, as well as the quality of the materials used, affect how long it will last. Choose the Car Key Programmer that can hold up under stress, pressure, and damage. Make sure it is a standard size and shape that may be worn anywhere. This product's resilience will be appreciated by everybody who uses it, whether a stay-at-home parent or a building site laborer.

What Are Today’s Most Popular Car Key Programmer Models?

Quality and trustworthy Car Key Programmer products are readily available to both genders today. The foundational principle shared by all Car Key Programmer models is as follows. However, they have a wide range of audiences.

No one should be surprised by the fact that niche markets exist for particular goods. Imagine you had access to data showing you which products were purchased the most frequently by shoppers worldwide. You certainly can, and in fact we've already compiled the list for you. Browse our selection that seems to have something for people of all ages, both sexes, and all around the world.

How to Choose the Most Popular Car Key Programmer

Price, quality, and demand are the three most important factors. The cost must be reasonable in relation to your requirements, therefore this is an apparent consideration to make.

Considering the product's quality is essential because settling for mediocre items will prevent you from reaching your ultimate goal of acquiring the best product.

Last but not least, while it may not be immediately apparent, a product's popularity can be just as important as its price or quality in luring in new buyers.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much is Car Key Programmer?

There's a wide selection of Car Key Programmer available in both style and cost. These days, it's tough to estimate how much something will cost. The price range is too wide for you to get an accurate estimate. Depending on the store, the price of a pair of pants might vary from $39 to $292. Additionally, other products such as the Car Key Programmer.

2. Is Car Key Programmer worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, our society is one that is expendable. We are constantly being barraged with advertisements for the newest and most cutting-edge products Car Key Programmer. But are they worth the money that we will spend on them? If you make the right choices, some of them are! Some, but not nearly as much.

3. Is it time to get a new Car Key Programmer

You need to find a fresh Car Key Programmer. Let me know what you think about this. Forecasting future price movements is challenging. If there is no indication that output will decrease, it may be worthwhile to make a purchase now so that you may start reaping the benefits of your investment right away. If production is falling and prices are expected to climb, however, you may want to hold off on making a decision until the hype subsides.

4. What is the Car Key Programmer?

If you're confused, I apologize. It's not a simple decision, I get that. But it's a major decision that will affect the rest of your life. If you’re still confused whether sort of Car Key Programmer is appropriate for you, I propose examining the characteristics and functionalities of the Car Key Programmer described above. Each has perks and cons.

5. Why should I buy a Car Key Programmer?

If you take a look at your current supply, you will know if you need or want a Car Key Programmer. You should probably think twice before getting it because you don't really need it. You may sell the old one and put the money toward the new one if you just can't bear to part with it. Using this method to complete your project will be both enjoyable and straightforward.